St. Luke’s confirmation program is for youth grades 6th-9th, with 10th graders confirmed each fall. The program is relational in nature. We surround each youth with several caring adults while also supporting and emphasizing each family’s home faith life. Instead of focusing primarily on academic learning, we’d rather form deep relationships so that a kid has a caring adult to turn to when they need it.  





GO TIME is our weekly Confirmation gathering, but it is really a night of faith formation for all ages. We grow in our relationship with God and others as we learn, serve, worship and play.  Everyone meets from 6:30pm - 7:30pm (September through the beginning of May.) 

GO TIME consists of a large group gathering in the Sanctuary followed by small group discussion time. Large group time includes music, lessons, games, and monthly communion. Small group time includes sharing about our lives and answering discussion questions related to the night’s lesson. Small group time is separated by age, with our volunteer small group leaders being the MVPs of this whole operation. Adults are grouped with other adults for their own discussion time.




Youth Minister, Alex Johnson

651-459-1222, ext 125