First Communion

Here at St. Luke young children and toddlers are welcome to extend their hands and receive "the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ". Gathering around the Lord's Table is an act of community throughout the world and - more especially - it is an expression of the unity we experience with one another, of all ages, as a local congregation.

If you're not sure what you or your child should do and you don't have any particular reasons for waiting, we believe that if your child is reaching for the bread or asking about it, that child is communicating that they are ready to be included. People may think they are too young to understand, but would it be acceptable to exclude an aging grandparent with dementia or a middle-aged adult no longer able to articulate Luther's small catechism? No. All are welcome, regardless of intelligence, age, behavior or beliefs. Regardless of how old a child is when "it's time," know that we will continue to offer communion classes to help children, youth and adults better understand and appreciate this holy meal. It is suggested that children attend class in 4th grade, but children of all ages are welcome to class when ready.

For more information on our communion process or for class options please feel free to contact Amy Loetz at or 651-459-1222 ext. 2.