Holy Communion

9:00 am Worship every Sunday

LENT Sunday Sermon Series @ 9 am

What was it like to be human in the ancient world? How does it compare to being human now? How are we similar? Different? Through myth, mystery and messes, generation after generation of human beings have shown that to be human is to be in relationship with one another, with existence and with God. This Lent, join us on Sundays at 9am as we explore together the holiness, hilarity and humility of being human then and now.  Using a variety of biblical characters from Eve to Bathsheba, Abraham to Judas and Jesus as our learning texts, we will discover what it means to be you, and ultimately, us, for the hope of all creation.

Wednesday Night Worship @ 6:30 pm

Beginning March 13, Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm will shift gears by exploring the wilderness of the soul as it encounters the things that make for personal renewal and transformation. With diverse messages from various sources, come and reflect, contemplate and resonate with scripture and one another as we carry on through the wilderness of grief and renewal.

Soup Supper begins at 5:30 pm.

March 13 - April 10th (Holy Communion on April 3rd)